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Multiple User Levels

CoronerME has 3 different user levels.
Administrator Level-Has complete control over entire program usage.
User Level - Allows input of case files for each Deputy you assign and gives them "control" only of their own case files, but the ability to "view" all cases.
Read Only - Gives other agencies the ability to view certain parts of a case file without the ability to change anything in the file.

Statistical Searches

Administrators have the ability to search "statistically" and prepare reports using Date of Death, Age, Race, Gender, Cause of Death, and Manner of Death.  You can also search and print reports in Autopsies for the Type, Number and Location of Autopsies performed in a suggested time period.

Continuing Education

This feature will keep track of and record all training while also offering a printable report for such information.

Quick Entry

The "Quick Entry" tab offers "One Tab" use that allows the ability to enter all pertinent and any "State required" information in one single tab.


CoronerME gives you the ability to "Archive" cases by date so that old records remain hidden until you choose to retrieve them.

Case Re-Assignment

With CoronerME, you can re-assign cases from one investigator to another without jeopardizing any information entered pertaining to the case or the original investigator.

Med List

The Med list section features a "Lookup" tab that will provide a medication dictionary to assist with the correct spelling or each of the medications entered.

Other Features

  • Complete Case Record Management: This database offers the ability to add a detailed record of information on each case.
  • Search Records However You Need To: You can search records based the information you are wanting to sort.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed printable reports available. Can add additional reports upon request.
  • Case Checklist: Checklist enables Coroner and Deputies to see what tasks are pending and check them off as they are completed.
  • Generate Statistics Your Way: You can search and print statistics to help at budget time, media releases, etc.
  • Simplify Annual Reports & Justify Budget: Prints annual reports based on expenses incurred, time worked and more.
  • Digital Photography & Scanning: Upload case photos into case file.
  • Email Reports/Print Invoices: Ability to email selected reports right from the program. Eliminates time of copying and mailing.
  • Investigator Time/Mileage Calculator: Record time worked, mileage driven and can upload this information over to a printable Indiana Claim Form.
  • Sunshine Law Compliant News Release: Automatically generates a news release able to be emailed to your chosen news media.
  • Unified Complete System Design: This is complete program. There are no add on modules to buy later.
  • Secure Site with Affordable Pricing: Security measures have been taken to ensure that all information inputted into this database is safe and secure.
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